Anna Quast e Ricky Arruda

a church full of lowers, happy guests and emotive parents.Ononeside, him: tremblinghands, waiting for the great moment. On the other side, the Bride, in eager breath resulting from anxiety. Today is the great Day in the life of a couple, but we are not speaking about grooms and brides, but Ricky Arruda and Anna Quast Arruda.

And, nothing can put apart what the photography has united. This was the way Ricky and Ana knew each other, got married and came to work together. “I started going to weddings with Anna and would take my camera. At the end we used to be praised, not only due to the resulting photographs, but for our energy, as well. “We are a couple photographing love”, Ricky would say, with shining eyes.

As in every couple, differences will make them to fall in Love to each other even more: He has got the look of an artist and wrote his history with photography, from the fineart. A style that made him a professor, speecher, took his work for galleries and attracted looks of great names in the subject:

“Ricky offers us instigating images that make us emotive and cause us pleasant emotions and sensations. Images full of feelings and many times of  pure poetry, transformed into the most beautiful visuals.”

Walter Firmo

“He has got a very sophisticated look and an unique sensibility. Ricky is an artist and, for me, artists are not made for just one life. They have lives and lives of art as, I am sure, in this case. He is analchemistwhotransformsairintopoetry.”

Cláudio Edinger

Anna, in turn, masters a word that simply will fit, when it comes to weddings and fidelity of principles, as very few would.Owner of a perfect timing, Sharp look and pleasant manners, she has photographed families, weddings and events, for many years. You must be at the right place and in the right time in such special occasions, and this journalistic side of her ensures that no sigh will be lost. These were the qualities that became a successful career, recognized and awarded in a decade of works, courses, workshops and congresses.

A beautiful story like this could have no other end but a happy one. Their clients made their orders and they said yes. Anna and Ricky are only one and will enter all ceremonies hand-in-hand and well united. A couple made to each other, and why not, for the coming great moment of your life.